How can I take action with my eczema today?

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis (AD), can impact many aspects of your everyday life. But there are a number of approaches to help manage your condition.
Find out why having a new conversation with your doctor could be worthwhile for you. 

These three simple steps will help you to prepare for a brand-new conversation with your doctor

The turning point for action is now

Communicating the impact of your eczema and what you want to achieve with your management plan is often difficult, especially when your symptoms influence aspects of your daily life that are invisible to others. But having an honest discussion with your doctor can make a world of difference.

Alyssa: What makes me feel empowered is knowing that I can have clear skin again.

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Understand your eczema

Learn about the causes, signs, symptoms and psychological impact of atopic dermatitis.

Your AD care team

Explore the roles of healthcare professionals and specialists, plus learn how they can support you.

Common AD myths debunked

Discover the common misconceptions of AD and find out the real facts.