Make a start, or pick up where you left off...

Starting a new conversation

Eczema can be tough to live with, but being proactive can renew your hope. Change can begin with a new conversation. Partnering with your doctor is key to finding a plan that's right for you.

Ben: I came in with one approach, saying look, I want to try this, and then he took a look at me and saw how severe it was and said no, I can offer you this.

Why it's time for us to have
a new conversation

With doctors having a better understanding of AD,
it could be time to start a new conversation with yours. 

Alyssa: I knew I just couldn't wait for it to fix itself anymore. And I couldn't just wait for it to get better.

Are you ready
to take action?

Actively prepare for your next appointment. This survey can help you think more about the impact AD has on your day-to-day life, helping you gain a better understanding of your condition.